Frequently Asked Questions

What happened?

Snowdance and Orange Lake Resorts came to an agreement that enables you to become a Holiday Inn Club member by summer 2015. Your HOA sent a letter notifying you of this. This was followed by an introductory letter from Holiday Inn Club mailed mid-February. Both letters are posted to the right.

How do I make reservation for the resort now?

Continue as you have done in the past: Contact the Resort Front Desk to book your reservations. Once we let you know your Holiday Inn Club account is open, you will then make your reservations through the Club.

Please visit or contact us at (877) 606-2582 to book your reservations.

What if I want to exchange my week?

If you are already a member of RCI® when you are enrolled in the Club:

If you are an Interval International® (II) member when you are enrolled in the Club:

If you do not currently have an external exchange affiliation:

Where do I send my scheduled payments?

Please continue to send your payments as you do now. However, this will change in the future once the transition is complete. You will be notified when this occurs, and that information also will be posted here.

How many Club Points will I receive as a member?

As a new member, your current Snowdance ownerhip will be assigned a Club Point value. This is shown below, along with details on traveling within and outside your home season at Ascutney Mountain Resort.

Your Assigned Club Points

These are based on your current Snowdance ownership.

Assigned Club Points

Traveling Within Your Season

You can travel within your season and unit size at any time, based on the Club Points you have been assigned. Published Club Point values do not apply when used within your season—you have the freedom to enjoy your season as you did before.

Club Points Season Values

Traveling Outside Your Season

You also have the freedom to travel outside your season as a Club member. When you do, the published Club Point values below will apply.

Published Club Points